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We are committed to teaching ​the United States Constitution ​to as many people as ​possible- both, around the ​globe but most importantly- ​to the citizens of the United ​States.

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We believe that the ​Constitution is the ​foundation of our great ​country, and we want to ​make sure that everyone ​knows what it says and ​stands for.

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We have invested into an ​online platform that will ​allow for unlimited seats of ​students and bandwidth to ​enroll into our course. This ​allows users to conduct ​self-paced training.

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For Kids

We are working with a ​team of child ​development experts ​to curate a curriculm ​that allows children to ​be entertained while ​learning about the ​Nation's foundation!

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Taught by experienced ​professionals, this ​course is perfect for ​adults looking to learn ​about the constitution. ​The course is flexible ​and can be completed ​at your own pace!

Our Commitment

This project will remain completely free 24/7 & 365- it is critically important ​that no barriers exist for this important education material.

Please take time to review some of the objectives:

  • Educate the American People on the Constitution and it's affect on their ​daily life
  • Teach the Constitution in a way that's realistic yet simple to understand

Please take time to review some of the features:

  • Material is catered to those with different learning styles
  • Learn on your computer or mobile device, so you can access it from ​anywhere with active internet access

We will never run ads- our dedication and commitment to teaching this ​material has no monetary value.

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